BBQ lovers unite

with Big Bone BBQ, Ontario.

Dig into our wicked wings, riveting ribs, smokin’ sides, and signature sauces at one of our badass BBQ restaurants
ribs pulled pork and fries from Big Bone BBQ
ribs pulled pork and fries from Big Bone BBQ


wicked wings and fries

Wicked Wings

pulled pork sandwich with onion rings

Pulled Pork

pitmaster poutine

Pit Master Poutine

burger and onion rings


caesar salad

Caesar Salad

Prizewinning BBQ ready for takeout, delivery, or dine-in

As one of the first restaurants to bring Southern-style BBQ to Canada, we’ve been serving Ontario locals unforgettable Southern BBQ for over 25 years.

Since we opened our first restaurant, we’ve been crowned BBQ champion in over 50 BBQ competitions throughout Ontario! So forgive us for bragging, but our BBQ restaurants really are the best of the best.

Our chefs go that extra mile to ensure our BBQ is satisfying from the first bite to the last with 2-day marinades, signature rubs, and secret sauces.

Get unbeatable BBQ for pickup or dine-in from your nearest Ontario restaurant.

Ready for some smokin’ BBQ?

As the king himself once said, “It’s now or never, let’s eat some Big Bone BBQ.” (okay, fine, we added the last part). If you can’t wait to tuck into some Southern grub that even Elvis would approve of, check out our options below.

dinner from Big Bone BBQ of ribs chicken fries and cole slaw

BBQ Takeout

Devour your BBQ meal from the comfort of your home, in your car, or al fresco by collecting your order from your nearest Big Bone BBQ restaurant.
indoor seating at a Big Bone BBQ restaurant

BBQ Dine-In

Check out your nearest location to tuck into delicious BBQ at one of our lively Ontario restaurants. Please be aware that Covid restrictions may apply to some locations.
Big Bone BBQ catering

BBQ Catering

Want to impress your guests with irresistible BBQ meals? We offer catering packages for any size event. Visit our catering services website to learn more and get a quote.

BBQ – Wings – Ribs – Pulled Pork – Poutine – Good Vibes

Since we brought the BBQ traditions of the south to Canada over 25 years ago, locals all over Ontario just couldn’t get enough. That’s why we’ve branched out to 11 locations across the province, and we’re still growing!

Choose your nearest restaurant below for opening hours, reservations, and pickup options.

Sticky, smoky, juicy delicious BBQ awaits.
Don’t just drool: get your BBQ on!

After all…everyone likes a nice rack!